It’s Crazy How Relaxing This Drum Actually Sounds

By Olivia M.

Last Updated Feb 25, 2024

11:25 pm PST

I’m the type of person who wants everything in my life to be creative. From my hobbies, and sleeping routines, to even how I handle my well-being. That’s why today, I’m going to share my balmy drum experience with you and how it made me realize that it can actually add a lot to my life. It's never just any instrument, and I'll explain why.

How I First Discovered The Magic

I was just scrolling through social media at that time. Then, I saw someone unboxing on Facebook about this drum. At first, I just ignored it and scrolled through. But it was then I was intrigued when I saw my friend’s Instagram story about the same drum and heard her play it. At that moment, I knew my ears had just fallen in love. 

I Felt a Burst of Instant Relaxation! 

I then bought this drum and tried it for myself. That’s where the magic started to happen. I thought it was just an instrument, but I was wrong. The soothing sound of this drum didn’t just stop through my ears, it relaxes my whole body! With a Mallets that comes with it, it even makes the sound of the drum so deeply rejuvenating, it’s crazy how I can’t stop wanting to hear it every single day. 

The Sound of Healing I Did Not Expected

I initially bought this drum purely for its captivating sound. Little did I know, its popularity stems from more than just its sound. The melodies it produces are actually sound healing frequencies, specifically emitting the 174Hz and 528Hz frequencies. These frequencies have been known to stimulate the release of natural healing hormones within the body.

My Healthy Screen-Time Escape

Before stumbling upon this new hobby, I often found myself mindlessly scrolling through social media. Deep down, I knew it wasn't the best use of my free time. However, since discovering the Balmy Drum that comes with a number-guided songbook, I now have a way to enjoy beautiful music without straining my eyes staring at a screen.

Balmy Rescued My Nights

Insomnia used to be my biggest problem. No matter how I try to flip around and find the perfect sleeping position, my eyes just don’t know how to sleep. But all my sleeping problems are gone now, thanks to the Balmy Drum. The sound it emits is a very relaxing melody that naturally boosts my melatonin levels. 

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Years Passed, Same Quality

The Balmy Drum stands out from other instruments that lose their sound quality over time. Even though It’s been a year since I first had this drum, its sound remains unchanged. The perfect, soothing feeling it gives is still here, undiminished. Knowing these are handcrafted gives me peace of mind, that it's durable and will last for more years to come. 

No Tuning Hassles for Me

Some instruments can be quite a hassle. I used to be really into playing guitars, but when my fingers started bleeding, I got turned off. That's why I love the Balmy Drum so much—it doesn't require constant tuning, making it always ready for jamming sessions.

The Perfect Gift For My Son

And you know what? I couldn't keep this blessing to myself. Sharing the joy with someone special is effortless with this drum. It comes in four different colors—Yellow, White, Black, and Blue. I chose my son's favorite color and gifted him this drum for his birthday. The look of pure joy on his face was priceless. Little did I know, he had been secretly wishing for this drum for quite some time. 

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Sharing Love Globally

Even with friends living abroad, I couldn't resist sharing this stress-relieving instrument. I'm the type who loves to share a great find, so I gifted them the Balmy Drum and urged them to give it a try. With the worldwide shipping of this product, it felt like I was able to help them ease their stress from afar

Living My Musical Passion

Even though it's known for its healing properties, I couldn't resist exploring its creative side. With three distinct tones to choose from, it lets me express the musician within. The more tones I experiment with, the more amazing sounds I can create. Plus, I can easily play my favorite songs like 'A Thousand Years' and 'See You Again' on it using the easy-to-follow songbook! 

Got Me Confident in Every Purchase

The biggest reason why I believe these are the best has to be the 30-day money-back guarantee. Like any other customer, I always look for secure and risk-free online purchases. That's why I feel incredibly safe and confident in trying this out. The fact that they allow me to test it for myself and even return it if I'm just slightly dissatisfied? I was amazed. Like, seriously? Really?

I wholeheartedly recommend giving this a try. Regardless of your age or background, even if you're like me with no musical experience, you'll discover the incredible benefits of this drum. It's more than just relaxation and creativity—it's a game-changer with a ton of benefits. And hey, there's a big sale happening right now. Don't miss out, check it out below!

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